Francine Noël painter and sculptor

Art defines us as humans.  

It moves us, brings us together,

proposes new perspectives.

Art humanizes us.

I first studied literature and then music and became a self-taught visual artist.

I first explored drawing and painting. In college, I discoved photography and the darkroom, Later on, I started carving rubber-stamps at first, printing on paper and fabric, but since 1988, on to rubber-stamp painting. I also studied silk-screening, and flirted with mosaics ...

However, flat surfaces are insufficient to contain my expressive urges.

Since 2000, I create bark bas-relief, calling them bark-reliefs. I learned wicker work. In 2005, after years of dreaming about it and collecting stuff, I created my first recycled-art sculpture: Spring Chicken, made of just that, springs. By the end of 2014, Aristide Gagnon started to teach me the art of casting.

Objects or images, my art work is figurative; it portrays everyday situations, small gestures and my deepest concerns.

With many exhibitions since 1989, in solo as well as with other artists, my art work can also be seen in illustrated documents and prints and two of my sculptures are shown in Adrien Levasseur’s book:Sculpteurs en art populaire au Québec.

Francine Noël, self-taught artist,

recycled-art, painting and sculpture
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